Toddler Program

Our Abecedarian approach is progressive and personalised for toddlers to learn to communicate their thoughts, emotions and intentions.


Early Experiences (1-3 yrs)

We know your toddler is ready to socialize, make friends and be introduced to new challenges in a safe and nurturing environment. Our qualified childcare educators are trained and accredited by Affinity Education Group in the Lifelong Learning Curriculum. The Lifelong Learning Early Experiences Curriculum emphasizes the development of Toddlers’ language and social development using the Abecedarian approach within our intentional learning zones focused on play schemas that support toddlers' physical and intellectual development.

By choosing Milestones Early Learning, you know your child will be welcomed into a safe, stimulating and fun environment to enhance learning in their early years.


Where Toddlers Learn

Our Early experiences rooms are designed with the active Toddler in mind with spaces for toddlers to explore their environment and with lots of opportunity for hands on learning and playing, resting and eating with friends. Look beyond the toys and you’ll see the careful planning of our rooms that provide specific learning zones.


What Toddlers Learn

Our Toddler curriculum has focus on supporting language development and early social skills for toddlers. These foundational skills allow the active toddler to explore the expanding social world around them and build self-confidence and self-identity. Our Toddler program includes the Abecedarian language program and specially designed learning games to support both social & language development.


How Toddlers Learn

Toddlers learn best through play, supported by gentle and fun interactions with their educators and other children. Toddlers learn best through relationships. Our educators focus on building trusting relationships with each toddler. Our focus on a positive and warm relationship with our Toddlers supports them to fully enjoy the Early Experience program, build confidence and explore those early friendships with others.


Our Educational Programs



Your child's lifelong learning journey starts here! Our nursery provides a warm, safe environment for your baby to learn and grow. Caring and gentle educators will develop nurturing relationships with your baby, so your child will develop trust and a sense of belonging.



Our centre provides a stimulating and fun environment to enhance your child’s learning in their early years. Learning starts long before school, with the first five years of a child’s life being crucial to laying the foundations for their ability to learn throughout their later years.



Preparing for primary school is one of the most important times in a child’s life. Our Lifelong Learning Curriculum School Readiness program stimulates young minds, builds confidence, resilience and positive self-image, and supports children’s transition to school.

Why Choose Milestones?

Milestones Early Learning is a high-quality provider of childcare where every child experiences the joy of learning in a caring community.

We’re experts at knowing how kids develop and grow, and we nurture them through these vital and precious early stages of their lives. Through these important early years, children change so quickly - constantly absorbing new information and expanding their skill set. We gently encourage and guide them to explore their own potential.

Our Lifelong Learning Curriculum is Australia’s most progressive approach to early education for children from birth to five. Our curriculum focuses on what children learn, how children learn and where children learn as; babies, toddlers and older 3-5-year-olds.

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Our Lifelong Learning Curriculum

Our Lifelong Learning Curriculum is Australia’s most progressive approach to early education for children from birth to five. Our curriculum focuses on what children learn, how children learn and where children learn as; babies, toddlers and older 3-5-year-olds. Our Lifelong Learning Curriculum draws on current research, evidence-informed practices and specific programs in each age group, such as The Circle of Security in our babies’ rooms, Abecedarian Language Priority for our Toddlers and Inquiry-Based Learning Projects for older children. We are also proud to offer children access to our unique programs to Affinity, including our Big Thinkers STEM, Aussie Wildlife Champions, Positive Living Skills and Grandfriends programs.

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Leading The Private Childcare Sector In Quality

Our centre practices, policies and procedures aligned with legislative expectations outlined in the National Quality Framework. This means that every effort is made to comply with the Education and Care Services National Law and Education and Care Services National Regulation, the approved learning frameworks and the National Quality Standards.

Throughout the year, our dedicated Quality Team work tirelessly alongside our Centre Managers to ensure our teams maintain Quality Standards across the Affinity Education Group in line with the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).

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Milestones Early Learning Centres

Inspiring children to reach their full potential.


Lifelong Learning Curriculum

Developed by Affinity Education, our educators and Early Learning Teachers are trained in the Lifelong Learning Curriculum.


Health and Wellbeing

Our Educational programs, incursions, excursions, events and daily activities are based on health and wellbeing themes.


Sustainability Activities

Sustainable practices include gardening, care of centre pets, recycling stations, and electricity conservation.


Our Quality Commitment

We thrive on excellence – from how we implement our curriculum to our commitment to safe, high-quality services.

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