Family Participation & Communication 


How We Stay Completely Connected

We recognise that families are the first and most important influence in a child’s life.

Our educators are here to complement that relationship and aim to stay completely connected with families to share in decisions that affect the child and to incorporate your expectations into our learning goals.

Any successful partnership is based on open communication. At any time, you are able, and encouraged, to contribute to the program or learning environment, share ideas or concerns or join in the serious fun that we have daily.

Verbal face-to-face communication is important to us and helps to establish our relationship. Communication will also take the form of emails, newsletters, displays and notices in the centre and digital forums such as Facebook, SMS and Storypark.


Storypark is an app that houses your child’s learning and development profile as well as a space to communicate with your centre and fellow centre families.

It is a completely safe and private platform, only accessible by you, your child’s educators and those whom you authorise.

Educators use this tool to share your child’s achievements and milestones, funny events and photos of their day.

The Storypark app is an ideal way of staying connected with families. You can even contribute to the content on the Storypark app, share family interests or weekend events and post photos of your own. Invite other family members, or other professionals that work with your child such as allied health or medical specialists, to join and contribute too.

Family participation and communication

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