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Child Care Subsidy

The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is financial assistance to help families with the cost of child care. It enables families to more easily access high quality child care and early education for their children, and provide them with valuable learning and development opportunities.

How much CCS you receive is dependant on a range of factors, including your family's income, the type of child care you use, your child's age, the hours of activity you do, and the number of children in your care.

The CCS is paid directly to the child care provider, which in turn reduces the fees you pay.

Use our simple Child Care Subsidy estimator tool to help you find out what your family might pay for early education and child care at Milestones Early Learning Centres.

Information for families with children starting or currently enrolled at a Milestones Early Learning Centre

Milestones Early Learning Centres

Learn more about starting at Milestones, transitioning to a new room, booking an occasional care day (or casual day) and how we use progress reports.

Starting at Milestones, what to bring, what to leave at home and tips to help your child get settled in.

Starting At Milestones

Starting early education and care is an exciting time for families. Learn more about what to bring, what your child should wear, what to leave at home and tips to help your child get settled in. 

Transitioning to a new room and on to primary school


Transitioning to a new room can be an overwhelming experience for some children, especially when they are surrounded by unfamiliar faces. At Milestones, we understand that each child is unique and will need customised support when entering a new environment.

Occasional care days

Occasional Care Days

Perhaps you have a job interview, a doctors appointment, or just need some time to yourself, occasional care is a great support to parents when other caregivers, like grandparents, are not available. Learn how to book an Occasional Care Day here.

Progress records

Progress Records

A Progress Record is an assessment of children's learning progress in relation to: emotional confidence, social connectivity, foundational learning, physical health and wellbeing. Learn more about why they play an important role in helping your child reach their full potential at Milestones.

Milestones' onsite cook prepares fresh healthy meals daily for children

Fresh Healthy Meals

Milestones centres feature an onsite cook who prepares healthy meals for the children daily, including breakfast, lunch and several snacks throughout the day. The weekly menu can be found in your centre, and is also often published on Facebook (so be sure to follow your centre!).

Milestones' onsite cook prepares fresh healthy meals daily for children
Health, safety and wellbeing at Milestones

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

At Milestones Early Learning Centres, we believe that child safety is everyone’s responsibility. We are committed to upholding the safety, rights and wellbeing of all children and promote a culture of child safety with a zero-tolerance approach to child abuse and harm.

Health, safety and wellbeing at Milestones
Family participation and communication

Family Participation & Communication

Verbal face-to-face communication is important to us and helps to establish our relationship. Communication will also take the form of emails, newsletters, displays and notices in the centre and digital forums such as Facebook, SMS and Storypark.

Family participation and communication

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