Occasional Care & Casual Days at Milestones


What is occasional care?

Occasional care (sometimes referred to as a 'casual day') is child care on days outside your normal set days. It is a flexible child care service that caters to families needing a temporary care arrangement for their child.

Perhaps you have a job interview, a doctors appointment, or just need some time to yourself, occasional care is a great support to parents when other caregivers, like grandparents, are not available.

Occasional care is also beneficial to children. Children benefit from social interactions and structured activities that support their development, even during short visits.

Your CCS still aplies to occasional care days, providing you have enough hours available. You can check this with your centre manager when you book.

How to book an occasional care day

The easiest way to book an occasional care day at Milestones is to speak to your Centre Manager. They will confirm what days are available and book you in on the spot!


Occasional care and casual days are available outside your normal days of attendance

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