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Kindergarten Canning Vale

Welcome to Milestones Early Learning Canning Vale, quality child care in Canning Vale for ages 0-5.

Our passionate educators and teachers are trained and accredited in the Lifelong Learning Curriculum by Affinity Education Group, Australia’s leading provider of early education and child care.

Here at Milestones Early Learning Canning Vale, we pride ourselves on creating strong, positive bonds with children, and providing them with the individual care and attention that is essential in early education. We nurture a lifelong love of learning through a combination of play-based and intentional teaching experiences, which helps your child develop social connectivity, emotional confidence, foundational learning, and physical health and wellbeing.

Milestones Early Learning Canning Vale has a range of inspiring environments for children to explore. Our centre rooms are set up based on the children’s current level of development and their interests. Our centre also includes a spacious outdoor play area that encourages children to test their limits, build strength, and develop self-confidence.

Our days incorporate messy play experiences, allowing children to use their natural curiosity and engage their senses. Your child will be introduced to literacy and numeracy through fun learning games, and investigate science, technology and the arts. We also offer a range of health and wellbeing activities, and nurture a love of animals, nature and the environment.

Milestones Early Learning Canning Vale provides nutritionally balanced meals cooked daily by our onsite chef, an inclusion that is unique to Affinity Education Group child care centres. All nappies are included, plus you can stay connected with your child’s progress and receive updates about their day through our Storypark platform.

We know you’re busy and that deciding on child care and early education is a huge task. We are here to help you though! Our dedicated Family Support Team is available to answer any questions you may have about our programs, services, and subsidies available to your family.

Contact us today at 1800 24453 2273 or fill in our online form to book a tour of our Canning Vale child care centre, meet our team of experienced and caring educators, and learn more about the Milestones Early Learning’s difference.


Our Lifelong Learning Curriculum Includes:

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    Language Lessons
  • icon-yoga
  • icon-sustainability
  • icon-steam
  • icon-sport
  • icon-performing-arts
    Performing Arts
  • icon-school-readiness
    School Readiness
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Milestones Early Learning Centre Outdoor Playground for Kids

Outdoor Play Equipment

Outdoor play is an essential experience for young children as it plays a vital role in their physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.

Each Milestones Early Learning Centre features an exciting outdoor play area for children to explore, build confidence, and develop friendships. The outdoor play area is different at each Milestones centre, but all include a large playground, sandpit and space to run, jump, balance and climb.

Milestones Early Learning Centre Outdoor Playground for Kids
Our onsite cook prepares fresh meals for children daily

Meals Prepared Onsite

Each day our Centre Cooks prepare a wide variety of nutritious meals and purees onsite for the children and babies in our centres, taking the time to involve the children in meal preparation and healthy food education.

Creativity is essential when satisfying a number of young food critics every day, as is care, to ensure children's daily nutritional needs, and any individual cultural or dietary requirements are being met.

Note: A small number of our centres do not provide meals. The Centre Manager will let you know when you meet the team prior to enrolment though.

Our onsite cook prepares fresh meals for children daily
Affinity Expands Lifelong Learning Curriculum Through Partnership With Wandana Aboriginal Education


We have partnered with Wandana Aboriginal Education to deliver a purpose-built Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural education program for children.

This unique program is an immersive cultural learning experience for all students and teachers, and includes weekly classroom activities, as well as an authentic Aboriginal handmade artefacts and education kit.


Affinity Expands Lifelong Learning Curriculum Through Partnership With Wandana Aboriginal Education

Our Lifelong Learning Curriculum

Schemas In Action

Healthy Beginnings

Babies aged 0-1 years

Your baby will start their lifelong learning journey in a safe, nurturing environment. Educators will:

  • Develop strong, positive bonds;
  • Encourage confidence to explore new surroundings;
  • Spark curiosity through sensory experiences; and
  • Establish helpful routines that support health and wellbeing.
Toddlers | Child Care for Children Aged 1-3 Years | Early Experiences

Early Experiences

Toddlers aged 1-3 years

Your toddler will enjoy an exciting environment in which to explore and experiment as their confidence and social skills emerge. Educators will:

  • Introduce literacy and numeracy through learning games;
  • Support self expression through language skills; and 
  • Develop social and friendship skills in group settings.
Moving up to the Big Room

School Readiness

Children aged 3-5 years

Your child will be given the very best start before they begin Primary School where they will delve into enquiry based project work, and literacy and numeracy programs. Educators will:

  • Guide self-awareness, self-help skills and socialisation;
  • Investigate literacy, mathematics, science, technology and the arts;
  • Stimulate creativity, deeper thinking and problem solving; and
  • Prepare children for classroom environments through play-based preschool and kindergarten programs.
Centre Manager childcare headshot portrait

Meet Our Team

Natasha Noronha (Tash)

Years in Child Care:
Over 12 years

Degree in Psychology, Diploma Early Childhood Education and Care.

What makes you passionate about Early Childhood Education:
From a very young age, I've been driven by an unwavering sense of purpose to dedicate my life to supporting and celebrating young children. Witnessing the incredible journey of a child's early years has always filled me with profound joy and a sense of responsibility. I am deeply passionate about guiding developmental outcomes and fostering a nurturing environment that extends to both children and their families, as well as our dedicated team.
Early Childhood Education, to me, is more than just a profession; it is a calling to inspire and cultivate a lifelong love of learning in every child. The formative years play a pivotal role in shaping a child's future, and I find immense satisfaction in contributing positively to this crucial phase of their development. The joy of witnessing a child's curiosity flourish, their confidence bloom, and their innate love for learning grow is what fuels my passion each day. It's not just about imparting knowledge but also about instilling values, fostering creativity, and building the foundation for a bright and successful future.
Creating a supportive and enriching environment for children, their families, and our team is at the core of my passion for Early Childhood Education. I am dedicated to ensuring that each child entrusted to our care experiences a nurturing, safe, and stimulating environment that encourages exploration, curiosity, and the development of essential life skills.

Why do you believe your centre is an excellent choice for parents seeking the best child care:
Our center is more than just a childcare facility; it is a place where the magic of childhood is woven into every aspect of our approach. What sets us apart is our unique, research-based method of early years education, meticulously designed to foster a profound and lasting love for learning in every child. Whether they are infants, toddlers, preschoolers, or school-age, our approach is tailored to support them in reaching their full potential and thriving beyond their early years.
We understand that parents seek not only a safe haven for their children but also an environment that actively contributes to their holistic development. Our experienced team of early childhood educators is not only well-qualified but also deeply passionate about nurturing and cultivating the natural desire to learn inherent in every child. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our continuous pursuit of innovative and effective teaching methodologies, ensuring that each child receives the best possible start in their educational journey.
At our center, parents can have confidence that their child is in capable hands, where care is not merely a duty but a genuine commitment to providing a supportive and stimulating atmosphere. We believe in creating a partnership with parents, working together to lay the foundation for a future where their children can flourish academically, socially, and emotionally. Our dedication to the magic of childhood and the principles of high-quality early childhood education makes us an excellent choice for parents seeking the very best for their children.


Our Centre Gallery

Before you book a tour of our early learning centre and meet our wonderful team of educators, you can take a look at our rooms and environments below.

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Milestones' onsite cook prepares fresh healthy meals daily for children

Fresh Healthy Meals

Milestones centres feature an onsite cook who prepares healthy meals for the children daily, including breakfast, lunch and several snacks throughout the day. The weekly menu can be found in your centre, and is also often published on Facebook (so be sure to follow your centre!).

Milestones' onsite cook prepares fresh healthy meals daily for children
Health, safety and wellbeing at Milestones

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

At Milestones Early Learning Centres, we believe that child safety is everyone’s responsibility. We are committed to upholding the safety, rights and wellbeing of all children and promote a culture of child safety with a zero-tolerance approach to child abuse and harm.

Health, safety and wellbeing at Milestones
Family participation and communication

Family Participation & Communication

Verbal face-to-face communication is important to us and helps to establish our relationship. Communication will also take the form of emails, newsletters, displays and notices in the centre and digital forums such as Facebook, SMS and Storypark.

Family participation and communication

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