Healthy Meals, Prepared Fresh Daily at Milestones


Meet The Centre Cook

We take pride in ensuring our children enjoy healthy and nutritious meals that are aligned with their needs. This would not be possible without our creative and innovative Cooks who are committed to making healthy habits fun!

From cooking classes with the children to the delicious and creative dishes they prepare, our Centre Cooks are some of the most popular people in our centres.

Each day our Centre Cooks prepare a wide variety of nutritious meals and purees for the children and babies in our centres, taking the time to involve the children in meal preparation and healthy food education. Creativity is essential when satisfying a number of young food critics every day, as is care, to ensure children’s daily nutritional needs, and any individual cultural or dietary requirements are being met.

Note: A small number of our centres do not provide meals, however the Centre Manager will let you know when you meet the team prior to enrolment.

On The Menu

Every season we release an exciting new six week menu which includes nutritionally balanced meals that meet each food group recommendation. The menu features in season fruits and vegetables, as well as proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats, essential for growing bodies and minds. Our centres provide breakfast, lunch as well as morning and afternoon snacks.

Milestones' onsite cook prepares fresh healthy meals daily for children

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