Affinity Increases Commitment to The Smith Family

Active Commitment to Sponsorship

Affinity Education Group has further strengthened its commitment to The Smith Family Learning for Life program in the third quarter of 2023. The number of individual child sponsorships actively supported on behalf of centres across Australia has reached an impressive 236. This increased commitment underscores Affinity Education Group's dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of children facing disadvantages. 

The Learning for Life program is designed to recognize and address the unique challenges that disadvantaged children encounter, with a specific focus on fostering their continued engagement in education. Additional support plays a crucial role in ensuring that these children have the resources and encouragement they need to thrive academically and beyond. 


Empowering Children to Create Better Futures

Learning for Life goes beyond mere financial assistance; it is a comprehensive initiative aimed at empowering children to create better futures for themselves. Sponsors contribute financial assistance to help families cover the costs of school essentials such as uniforms, books, and excursions. Additionally, each sponsored child benefits from the guidance of a dedicated Learning for Life Program Coordinator. These coordinators play a vital role in connecting the child and their family to local learning opportunities and other essential support networks. 

Moreover, the program provides sponsored children with access to The Smith Family's out-of-school mentoring and educational programs. These initiatives are designed to complement formal education, offering additional avenues for personal and academic growth. By participating in these programs, children can work towards a brighter and more promising future. 

Values Aligned With Vision

CEO Tim Hickey said the company's decision to broaden its corporate social responsibility strategy through a national commitment aligned with the company's values and employee feedback received in 2022.

"Our Affinity Commitment to The Smith Family is 'one child sponsored for every centre operated’ " Mr Hickey said.

"One of the Affinity Values our centre teams always highlight is Being Completely Connected – with their families, and with local schools and communities. Our promise – potential, realised – aligns strongly with The Smith Family vision for a world where every child has the opportunity to change their future." he said.

"And our Lifelong Learning Curriculum, which aims to grow and instill a lifelong love of learning in every child, sets children up for the best possible success in primary school and beyond. It was a natural progression for us to choose The Smith Family's Learning for Life program, which provides young Australians in need with long-term educational support," Mr Hickey said.

The Smith Family Sposorship - Teacher Shababa Sadeq and Centre Manager Erin Bonehill at Milestones Early Learning Werribee

Another Way to Give Back

Centre Manager Erin Bonehill from Milestones Early Learning Werribee said her team were delighted when they received the news of their centre's sponsorship.  
"Our educators absolutely love children, so this sponsorship provided on our behalf by Affinity was really meaningful for us as employees because it demonstrates another way we can give back to Australian families," Erin said. 

Light Up Education for Children in Need.

This year we have chosen to support The Smith Family by setting up a Giving Tree to light up education for Australian children living in disadvantage. We are extending an invitation to help us reach our target of $10,000 via the Affinity Education Group Giving Tree.

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