Ahoy! Milestones Dalyellup Celebrates Talk Like A Pirate Day

Milestones Early Learning Centres hold a range of activity-filled events, fundraisers and awareness drives throughout the year, with each centre having some autonomy to choose days they celebrate with the children and their families.

On the 19th of September was National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Although Talk Like a Pirate Day was originally a made-up day between two friends in 1995, it has taken on a life of its own and has been a staple event in the early education sector. 

Because Talk Like a Pirate Day has no dedicated organisation association, centres have been able to use the day to raise awareness for charities that resonate with their team and families, along with a perfect reason to dress up and have fun! 

One of our centres that chose to hold an event for national Talk Like a Pirate Day this year was Milestones Early Learning Dalyellup in Western Australia. Centre Manager Erin Cody and her team provided a fun-filled day for the children in their care to raise awareness for children and their families living with cancer.

The team and the children in their care were encouraged to dress up for the themed day, and all the centre rooms provided the children with pirate-themed activities to take home to their families. 

Sally-Anne Bell, Lead Educator at Milestones Dalyellup, shared, “We created our own pirate ships in the Kwoka’s room today (Toddlers room). All the children were able to have a turn and thoroughly enjoyed being able to create their own pirate ship using a variety of different cutout shapes, glue and pencils to create the sea. This activity promoted their social connectivity through taking turns and sharing what they had created with each other. It also promoted their imagination and fine motor skills through manipulating the resources to create what pirate ships look like to them.” 

“It was great to see the children make their pirate ship after showing an interest in recreating different pictures, using their imagination and prior understandings to create them. We also engaged in pirate play outside on the fort, listening to pirate music, and a couple of our children joined in and dressed up as well.” continued Sally. 

Thank you to all our wonderful families and teams who participated in Talk Like a Pirate Day!