School Readiness: Lifelong Learning Curriculum For Your Preschooler

Our preschools (NSW, ACT and NT) or kindergartens (VIC, QLD and WA) are designed to encourage your child's growth and development further, focusing on building the necessary skills to set them up for success as they prepare to move to big school. Research and NAPLAN results continue to show that children who attend this type of program for two years do better than those who attend only one and much better than those who do not access a kindergarten/Preschool program before transitioning to school. 

Why choose Milestones?

The Lifelong Learning Curriculum is Australia's most advanced approach to early education. It extends your child's preschool or kindergarten program by incorporating intentional teaching, project-based enquiry, and access to appropriate technology. Our school readiness program also integrates technology in an age-appropriate way to support foundational learning and researching for our Inquiry-Based Projects program, where children explore topics in detail over time, e.g., mini-beasts or the ocean. Included in our Curriculum is some unique programs for children, especially written just for our Affinity enrolled children, including our Big Thinkers STEM program, Aussie Wildlife Champions and in selected Centres, our Grandfriends intergenerational program and Positive Living Skills mental health & wellbeing program. 

The Lifelong Learning Curriculum is aligned with Australia’s Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Each age group delivers our Lifelong Learning Curriculum, which has been specifically developed for babies, toddlers and 3-5-year-old children. Our Healthy Children framework of events, activities and incursions encourages the development of your child's mind, body, and connection to the people and places in the world around them. You will share these moments via the free Storypark app - keeping you connected to those magical moments in every child's life. 

Emma Wood, Senior Educational Advisor for Affinity Education Group stated, “The Lifelong Learning Curriculum School Readiness is an exciting program that holistically supports children to be school ready. The program supports children to be ready emotional and academically, while also having some serious fun along the way.”


What they learn, how they learn and where they learn:  
  • Our very own Big Thinkers, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)   
  • Numeracy and literacy  
  • Reading Eggs and Math Seeds  
  • Aussie Wildlife Champions    
  • Sustainability and the natural world  
  • Cultural inclusion, including recognition of Indigenous Australians   
  • Art, music and creative expression  
  • Construction and design through inquiry-based learning projects  
  • 'School Ready' skills: lunch box, toileting, dressing and classroom dynamics 

Children learn best when they believe that they can. Our teachers and educators focus on supporting children to explore the curriculum confidently and to make choices throughout the day to build independence. Through a rich combination of play-based learning and intentional teaching, our programs allow children the freedom to explore their interests and ideas, develop those all-important 21st-century thinking skills, and contribute to learning and discovery within their classroom of friends. 

Our preschool/Kindergarten classrooms and learning environments have been designed to support our curriculum programs; They are structured to support children in exploring the many possibilities available to them throughout the day. With indoor and outdoor learning, children can feel refreshed and comfortable as they develop their understanding of the world around them – and of their potential. Our preschool/Kindergarten rooms include Lifelong Learning Curriculum zones to encourage children to try new things every day.  

  • Interactive Learning hub: For group mat times, show & tell, singing, and shared story times.  
  • Numeracy & Math: Numeracy and Math encourage children to explore numbers and mathematical concepts in a variety of ways and through various resources.  
  • Construction zone: for building those amazing constructions from blocks and other materials that are foundational aspects of design and math.  
  • Literacy & writing: to practice all forms of written and visual communication.  
  • Art Studio: a place to be creative using multiple mediums.  
  • Dramatic play: a place for make-believe and imagination.  
  • Book corner: a place to become lost in the world of books.  
  • STEM: hands-on learning of natural sciences, biology, geography and more. 

Parent participation  

We warmly welcome parents to participate in their child's School Readiness journey through parent information sessions, teacher interviews, and in-room participation. 

We provide regular learning updates on Storypark and in-centre child portfolios. By sharing your goals and visions for your child's early learning years with their teacher and making full use of the relevant state-approved kindergarten or preschool programs*, you can be sure your child will thrive.  

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