Healthy Beginnings (birth – 1year)

The Lifelong Learning Healthy Beginnings Curriculum for babies birth–1-year-olds emphasises the establishment of secure attachments and positive relationships between babies and educators through the use of Circle of Security and learning zones focused on play schemas that support babies' physical and intellectual development. Our qualified early childhood Educators, trained in the Lifelong Learning Curriculum, are known for their warm, loving approach and for the fun play-based learning they provide.   

We know your baby's earliest emotional, social and physical experiences will directly impact their future resilience and well-being, and we are here to support that journey. Our qualified and caring educators will meet your baby's individual needs and happily adapt to your baby's routine. You are welcome to visit at any time to ensure your baby is settling happily into their new and exciting learning environments. 

Through the Lifelong Learning Curriculum, each age group is delivered educational programs specifically developed for babies, toddlers and 3-5-year-old children. The LLC is aligned with Australia Early years Learning Framework (EYLF). 

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