Tummy Time is an essential activity for a baby’s development

Tummy Time is an essential activity for a baby’s development and is a regularly encouraging exercise for our centres 0-1 children in our Nursery rooms.

Tummy Time is the activity of placing your baby on their tummy for short periods which over time aids in the physical development of your baby.

This activity is suggested to be done from infancy, starting with very short periods, 1-2 minutes and then slowly increasing that time as your baby starts to feel more comfortable and stronger in the position.

What are the benefits?

● Strengthens upper body and neck muscles.

● Improves head control.

● Decreases the chance of plagiocephaly by spending less time on their skull.

● Helps babies to learn how to roll by moving from their back to their tummy and back again.

● Strengthens hips and legs, as well as lower back muscles.

● Sets up the groundwork for creeping and then crawling.

● Helps babies learn about different variations to their environment.

● Provides different sensory experiences.

● Assists them in the ability to follow a moving object with the eyes (visual tracking).

● Assists them in the ability to judge if objects are nearer or farther away than other objects (depth perception).

● Assists with babies’ cognitive development and environmental awareness.

How do I set up an environment for Tummy Time?
How we provide Tummy Time in our Centres
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