Milestones recognises National Reconciliation Week

Our centres across Australia recognised National Reconciliation Week by creating activities designed to provide meaningful learning opportunities while having fun!  

Milestones Early Learning Tamworth CBD

Last week one of our New South Wales-based centres, Milestones Early Learning Tamworth CBD organised a range of activities for each day of the week; These included:  

Monday- The children engaged in learning the local indigenous language.  

Tuesday- The children decorated and created their own rain sticks while dancing to cultural music.  

Wednesday- The children explored the indigenous art of storytelling by reading dreamtime stories.  

Thursday- The children became little chefs, made Damper, and dressed in Yellow for Children’s Ground. 

Friday- The children painted using nature to display in the centre as well as having a centre picnic with a cake to finish our week off. 

Tahlia Neal, Centre Manager at Milestones Early Learning Tamworth CBD, said, “The children loved creating their rain sticks and dancing to cultural music as it promotes a deeper understanding of Aboriginal histories and cultures and also provided an opportunity for the children to develop respect for diversity and cultural differences. It was also a fun and safe activity for the children to enjoy.”  

Milestones Early Learning Smithfields

At Milestones Early Learning Smithfield, one of our Queensland centres, the children in Babies 2, Toddlers 2-4, and Kindy 3-4 rooms came together to make Damper; Additionally, they showed their support by wearing yellow and raising funds for Children’s Ground. In the Junior Kindy 1 Room, the children engaged in a Dreamtime story session called “The Rainbow Serpent,” where they created their own artistic interpretations of the snake.  

Helen Moors, the Centre Manager at Milestones Early Learning Smithfield, “The children thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating Damper, as it not only encouraged their creativity and imagination but also contributes to developing their fine motor skills. It fostered cultural awareness and a sense of belonging among them.”  

Helen continued, “The little master chefs had a blast finishing off National Reconciliation Week by creating Damper. On Yellow Day, we raised funds for Children’s Ground, a remarkable not-for-profit organisation dedicated to changing the future for First Nations children, families, and communities. The Rainbow Serpent experience allowed us to educate the children about different cultures through art and song. We take great pride in the cultural diversity at Milestones Smithfield. National Reconciliation Week provides us with an opportunity to celebrate and honour one of the many cultures at our centre, thanks to the knowledge passed down by our proud Indigenous Educators.”  


Milestones Early Learning Everton Park

During the week, Milestones Early Learning Everton Park in Queensland took the initiative to introduce the Junior Kindy children to Bush Tucker. This unique experience came about after a visit to a local Indigenous Café. The children were captivated by the flavours of finger lime and river mint, which they discovered through taste-testing a vegetable salad infused with native herbs. They also savoured lemon myrtle damper, Quandong and Mango Chutney; This not only fostered inclusivity towards diverse cultures but also provided a window into the sustainable practices of our First Nations people. The children’s willingness to explore and try new foods was integral to their learning journey.  

Reflecting on this experience, Jess Wilkinson, an Educator at Milestones Early Learning Everton Park, shared, “I was thrilled to connect with our local community and facilitate an opportunity for the children to learn about our First Nations people. Providing them access to new and diverse food experiences was truly rewarding.” 

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